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1050 - Spectrum’s 1050 Underglaze Base is formulated as a base media for preparing your own underglaze colors similar to our 500 series underglazes. The 1050 Underglaze Base has some frit in it, which acts as a flux to help the stain be a compatible fit with either greenware or bisque. It also has various additives, which keep the frit and stain suspended and makes it brush on smooth and easy. It is lead free, non-toxic and dinnerware safe when covered by a dinnerware safe clear glaze. In order to achieve an underglaze of a strength similar to our 500 series Underglazes we recommend that you mix 1 part of dry powder ceramic stain to 2 parts wet underglaze base by weight. Therefore, for example, if you put half a pint (8 oz. or 228 gm.) of 1050 underglaze base in a container you should mix ¼ lb. (114 gm.) of stain in this. This recommendation is only a general guideline as the strengths of different color stains vary and you should test colors, particularly the first time you mix them, to determine the correct strength for your application.

1060 - The 1060 Overglaze Base is very similar to the 1050 except that it has additional frit to make the colors melt more easily and achieve a smooth glossy finish to the colors when they are applied on top of the majolica white glaze. Mixing instructions are the same as those shown above for the 1050 Underglaze Base. Lead free, non-toxic, dinnerware safe.

1070 - Our Brushing Media is a simple gum solution that can be added to any glaze, underglaze, etc. to improve its brushing characteristics. The basic effect of adding Brushing Media to a product is to lengthen the drying time after the glaze is brushed on the piece. It also assists in glaze suspension. Brushing Media can be used if you are trying to convert a dipping or spraying glaze into a brushing glaze. The amount of Brushing Media that should be added depends heavily on the particular circumstances. A rough guideline is to add about 5% of the volume of the product being adjusted. Keep in mind that the Brushing Media is largely water and that adding significant quantities of it will dilute the strength of the original product.

1071 - Our Suspender is a solution of bentonite in water. It can be used to help suspend glazes that have become subject to settling out. The amount of Suspender that should be added depends heavily on the particular circumstances. A rough guideline is to add 5 to 10% of the volume of the product being adjusted, as a starting point. Keep in mind that Suspender has a strong tendency to gel and that the more you add the thicker or more viscous a glaze will become.

1072 - Our Glaze Thinner is a solution of sodium hexametaphosphate in water. It is a very powerful thinning agent and should be added very sparingly. For example, 2 or 3 drops in a 4 oz. jar should have a significant effect. It is a useful product for thinning glazes, underglazes, etc. when you do not want to dilute the strength of the glaze by adding water. MENDING PASTE

1074 - This is a mending paste that can be used to attach two pieces of bisque together. It does not develop its strength until after it is fired.